Floquet Hamiltonian engineering of an isolated many-body spin system: paper published in Science!

This month, our paper on “Floquet Hamiltonian engineering of an isolated many-body spin system” got published in Science! In this work, by periodically driving an isolated spin system, we changed a naturally given many-body Hamiltonian into a desired target form. Using a sequence of time-periodic microwave pulses, we change the Hamiltonian of our interacting Rydberg-spin system from a Heisenberg XX-model into an effective XYZ-model with tunable symmetry. As a consequence, the magnetization relaxation dynamic of the is drastically modified. The ability to engineering a wide range of Hamiltonians opens vast opportunities for implementing quantum simulation of non-equilibrium dynamics in a single experimental setting.


Geier S, Thaicharoen N, Hainaut C, Franz T, Salzinger A, Tebben A, Grimshandl D, Zürn G, Weidemüller M

Floquet Hamiltonian Engineering of an Isolated Many-Body Spin System Journal Article

In: Science, vol. 374, pp. 1149, 2021.

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University press release: https://www.uni-heidelberg.de/en/newsroom/programmable-interaction-between-quantum-magnets